Prosperous Soul Course

At present we do not have a new date for this training – if you are interested please email

Prosperous Soul is a 2 day training that address this issues behind destructive financial patterns. It looks at the healthy biblical mindsets that are needed to be able to have a Kingdom mindset in finances.

When we start addressing our finances, we often start with practical tools and the popular “10 things to a better life.” This approach, though has some benefit, is fundamentally flawed. When we do not first address our heart and mindsets regarding money, we end up repeating the same destructive cycles that caused us to start trying to change in the first place.

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 1:2

Prosperous Soul is the foundational ministry for all of financial Sozo ministries. In order to prosper and thrive in life, we must heal our inner world because we will always reproduce what is in our hearts. This ministry addresses the orphan spirit and attacks the poverty and greed that plagues our world putting us in financial distress.

This Prosperous soul teaching is helpful to anyone who wants to have a biblical Kingdom perspective on finances, poverty, and mammon. It is full of practical insights.

Please note the price does not include the manual – you can download this from

Prosperous soul will be taught by Liz and Stuart Gregg

Liz and Stuart Gregg are church leaders in the North of England. They have worked among the urban poor and have seen the impact this teaching can have on people. They run a supernatural school in Bradford and have seen 100’s raised up to be naturally supernatural. Liz is the UK Financial Sozo director and co-founder of Sozo for Couples as well as being a Sozo facilitator and trainer. Stuart has a background in business, social entrepreneurship and is currently running a business alongside ministry. They have 3 grown-up children, and enjoy red wine and walking.



Will there be resources for sale?

yes – you can buy on

Is my ticket refundable?

No but you can transfer it to someone else

How will I connect with this training online ?

Once you have booked on you will be sent an email with the details of how to connect via zoom to this training. During the training, you will be able to interact with the trainer but we do ask that you keep yourself on mute the rest of the time to cut down on background noise. You will need a device and internet to do this online training

Please note in order to see the full powerpoint it is best to connect on a laptop. You may find with smaller devices you cannot see the full picture.

What if my connection is not good?

Unfortunately, we cannot do anything to help your connection. We have excellent equipment and good fast internet and we encourage you to do the same.

Should I wear headphones?

If possible you should wear headphones it cuts down on background noise for all

Will this be recorded?

No it won’t and we ask that you do not record the training either. You can purchase this training on DVD or CD.

Is there a lunch break?

Yes there will be a lunch break for you to get lunch in and some coffee/ bathroom breaks