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What Is the Point of Money?

Money splits the church. It is no surprise; money splits our society too. It is one of the primary causes for divorce and motives for murder. Yet, given the church…


Wants Is it right to want things? Is it wrong to buy things we want? As we learn to live from a place of purpose, wants look a lot different….

What is financial Sozo?

What is Financial Sozo? A short video explaining Financial Sozo and how a session runs.


Fingerprints Are fingerprints labels or just things to be embarrassed about? Actually neither. Unhealthy sounds, feelings, and behaviors we express are signals for us to identify and dig under to…


Do you feel like you are stuck between two choices? The debate may not be necessary, and in fact is often a distraction from what is really important.  


The test of wealth is not when we crash, it’s actually in how we manage what we have. When we are trustworthy with little, we grow our capacity to handle…


Sometimes we find ourselves in a place that feels out of our control. Our world sets us up to get caught in these traps. Learn what traps are and how…

Unplanned Spending

When you aren’t intentional with your money, you can easily spend it based on situations and emotions. Be careful, though, unplanned spending is not likely going to get you where…