Financial Courses

These are trainings that you can book either live or online.

Liz Gregg and Nick Nicholson offer the following trainings in UK and Europe. These are normally booked by Sozo faciliators or churches. If you are interested in us doing these training please use the contact form.


The Kingdom Finances course looks at the biblical mandate to live a Kingdom lifestyle in every area of our life including finances. How does this Kingdom mindset impact the way we steward, our generosity and our legacy. The course also explores what are the poverty and mammon mindsets and how to deal with these.

The course is biblical and practical. It can be done over one day or a number of sessions. Either online or live.


Financial Sozo mentoring is a day designed to help those who are trained in Sozo become Financial Sozo ministers. The day teaches what is needed to be able to do Financial Sozo and includes live demonstrations and practice sessions in order to develop delegates in being able to do Financial Sozo. It can be done live or online.

Prosperous Soul

Prosperous Soul is a 2 day training that address this issues behind destructive financial patterns. It looks at the healthy biblical mindsets that are needed to be able to have a Kingdom mindset in finances.

When we start addressing our finances, we often start with practical tools and the popular “10 things to a better life.” This approach, though has some benefit, is fundamentally flawed. When we do not first address our heart and mindsets regarding money, we end up repeating the same destructive cycles that caused us to start trying to change in the first place.

Beloved, I pray that in all respects you may prosper and be in good health, just as your soul prospers.

3 John 1:2

Prosperous Soul is the foundational ministry for all of financial Sozo ministries. In order to prosper and thrive in life, we must heal our inner world because we will always reproduce what is in our hearts. This ministry addresses the orphan spirit and attacks the poverty and greed that plagues our world putting us in financial distress.

This Prosperous soul teaching is helpful to anyone who wants to have a biblical Kingdom perspective on finances, poverty, and mammon. It is full of practical insights. This training can be done live or online.