How to become a certified financial sozo minister

We are looking for people to become certified Financial Sozo Ministers in the UK and Europe.

Becoming a certified Financial Sozo Minister will allow you to receive referrals for Financial Sozos in your area, become a part of a network of ministers, and be part of the UK and Europe team seeking to bring revival to everyone’s finances.

There are a few steps to becoming certified;-

  • Complete Basic and Advanced Sozo training
  • Be part of a church Sozo team
  • Complete Prosperous Soul training or approved equivalent
  • Have your own Financial Sozo
  • Participate in Financial Sozo mentoring (either by attending a mentoring day or by being mentored through Liz or Nick) which includes being observed at least twice doing Financial Sozo. This can be done online.
  • Stay in connection with Liz as the UK Financial Sozo Director and Nick Uk Deputy director – we do this through Zoom mentoring.

As a Certified Financial Sozo provider you can use the Financial Sozo name and the tools.

Liz and Nick are able to train, mentor and release people in Europe for Financial Sozo, following the above steps.  If you are from Europe and are interested in training please contact us via the web contact form.

It is then optional to become part of Stephen De Silva’s worldwide financial sozo certified ministers – this can be done by following these next steps:-

  • You can apply for certification at
  • Please specify that you have been referred by Liz Gregg or Nick Nicholson and have completed the requirements for certification through them.