How to become a certified financial sozo minister

We are looking for people to become certified Financial Sozo Ministers.

Becoming a certified Financial Sozo Minister will allow you to receive referrals for Financial Sozos in your area, become a part of a network of ministers, and be part of the UK team seeking to bring revival to everyone’s finances.

There are a few steps to becoming certified;-

  • Complete Basic and Advanced Sozo training
  • Be part of a church Sozo team
  • Complete Prosperous Soul training or approved equivalent
  • Have your own Financial Sozo
  • Participate in Financial Sozo mentoring (either by attending a mentoring day or by being mentored through Liz or Nick) which includes being observed at least twice doing Financial Sozo.
  • Stay in connection with Liz as the UK Financial Sozo Director and Nick Uk Deputy director – we do this through Zoom mentoring.

As a Certified Financial Sozo provider you can use the Financial Sozo name and the tools.

It is then optional to become part of Stephen De Silva’s worldwide financial sozo certified ministers – this can be done by following these next steps:-

  • You can apply for certification at
  • Please specify that you have been referred by Liz Gregg or Nick Nicholson and have completed the requirements for certification through them.