If you are thinking about becoming a Financial sozo minister then this page gives details of the paperwork needed to be able to minister:-

Sample Application form

For those who want to have a financial sozo to fill in before a session

Sample Liability form

We strongly recommend that you get your financial sozo client to agree and sign this liability form. It is a word document which you can personalise to your own church. 

Sample Aftercare sheet

We suggest that you give this aftercare sheet to the financial sozo client so that they can remember their truths and smart goals 

Sample Follow on sheet

We suggest that you have a list of places that people can go for help such as specific budgeting or business advice. This sheet has some suggestions. 

Sample Help sheet

This sheet is for those ministering financial sozo to remind them of the stages of the process.

Feedback form

We encourage you to get feedback from financial Sozo clients and to share the testimonies.

Financial sozo ministry review

We use this form to review the session and to make a note of key points for any follow on sessions.